about the artist

about the artist

moon portrait

Sara Lou grew up scribbling in Niagara Falls, Canada. Primarily a story teller, she spent the early part of her career pushing her materials to their limits in order to tell the stories of the haunted faces gracing her surfaces. As her work matures, subjects shift from raw and abstract frozen moments to fully rendered living worlds using her own brand of magic realism. Fond of multi-disciplinary wanderings, Sara Lou also explores immersive installation art as loose expressions of contemporary circus. She currently works out of an historical building in downtown St. Catharines.

As a scholar, Sara Lou’s academic interests influence her subject matters. Her 2013 SSHRC funded MA on Old Norse trickster figures produced a series of cold and abstracted living landscapes and portraits of the beings who inhabit them. Since graduating, her research interests have expanded to include North American animals, Niagara land and its keepers, and circus performance. Her current research seeks to answer what happened to the circus in Niagara Falls.


instagram: @corvidlou